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Welcome to our Website

Welcome to the RBA student website!! This is a website is brought to you by the students of the advanced computer class.  We all worked hard, and learned a lot this year! Hope you enjoy our site!!

 In the section called “Opinions” students give their opinions about anything and everything! What better way to find out about the school, than from the students that attend?

 The section called “Christian Testimonies” is a section on the Christian professions of our students! Come here to find out what Christ means to the students here at Ridgewood. 

“Articles” is a section of papers written by the students here in our computer class.  Enjoy our work that we accomplished this year!

Next is a category called “Events.”  In this category, you will find information about the events going on at our school!!  What goes on when a student attends our school? What opportunities are there for the students of RBA?  Find out here!

 Finally, find out more about the students who made this site possible.  The “Computer Class” section is about the people who made and worked hard on this site. 

 None of this site would be possible without the help of our teachers… Mrs. Daw… Thank you!

 Hope you enjoy our website!!!


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