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Morelia Michoacán

  • Historic Centre of Morelia

The Historic Downtown Area  encompasses approximately 150 city blocks at the city center, roughly corresponding to the urban area of the city at the end of the eighteenth century. The Centro Historico contains over 1,000 historical buildings and sites. One of the main attractions is the Catedral de Morelia, a cathedral built in the Baroque style. Also interesting is the Casa del Arte where you can find a large variety of high quality artisanal works. There are several other notable historical churches in town including the Templo de las Rosas annex to the Conservatorio de las Rosas, which are both examples of baroque architecture, and the Templo de San Diego , built with an interpretation of the Rococo style using indigenous colors and techniques. The monumental aqueduct, built in colonial days to bring water into town, was functional through 1910. The inner city is built of reddish sandstone, lending the city a unique character among Mexico's many noteworthy colonial cities and giving origin to the name "Ciudad de las Canteras Rosas" that is sometimes used in reference to Morelia. Morelia has three golf courses: "Club Campestre de Morelia" founded in 1968, which has 9 holes with great difficulty because of very large trees and beautiful lakes; "Tres Marias", a 27 hole Jack Nicklaus designed course that hosts the LPGA once a year; "Club Erandeni", which recently opened its fairways to the public. At the southern edge of the city is the Santa Maria mountain range, and is home to upscale residential districts, private sector schools and universities.


Industry of Morelia

Finance and insurance companies account for the largest percentage of the economy (about 20%) in Michoacán. Service-based companies account for 18% of the economy, followed by agriculture, 17%; trade, 17%; manufacturing, 14%; transportation and communication, 8%; construction, 5%; and mining, 1%.

Handicrafts, oil, and iron and steel are the primary industries. The largest steel plant in Latin America is located in Michoacán.

Almost all of the energy in

Mexico is provided by the Federal Electricity Commission. In February 2002, the CFE introduced new electric rates. For households that use less than 140 kilowatt hours per month, there was no rate increase.

  • Sports in Morelia

Morelia has a basketball team, the Zorros.  It also has a soccer team, which plays in the 38,384-seat Morelos stadium. The 15,000-seat Plaza Monumental in Morelia is a bullfighting ring. There is a smaller ring, the Palacio del Arte, which holds four thousand people.

  • Education in Morelia

The system of public education was first started by President Benito Juárez in 1867. Public education in Mexico is free for students from ages six to sixteen. According to the 2000 census, there were approximately one million school-age students in the state. Many students elect to go to private schools. The thirty-one states of Mexico all have at least one state university. Both the El Colegio de Michoacán and the Universidad Michoacana are located in Michoacán. The oldest university on the American continent, Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo, was founded in 1540.